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Professor Olinga Ta’eed PhD FIoD - Chairman



Joanne Evans MBA - Project Manager


Sajin Abdu B Tech, MBA - Head of Technology


Tigris Ta’eed - Chief Disruption Officer


Maryam Taghiyeva - Research Analyst


Christine Bamford


Dinh Ho Nho Thong


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About Us

At S/Eratio (“seratio”) we are not a consultancy, rating agency or ‘special advisors’ – instead we focus upon turning the intangible measurements that you have always wondered about into something very real and applicable to you.

Our sole objective of being able to turn intangible outcomes in real, verifiable and accurate measurements. We do this using the very latest in academic knowledge which combines social science, outcome metrics, data mining and sentiment analysis. The logical outcome is an elite set of supermetrics which are constructed using sentiment analysis, geo-located with future proof analytical technology reinforced with the latest big data mining and machine learning technology.

Who do we serve? You - the citizens of the world – and we believe in multi-stakeholder engagement translated onto a citizenship map.

We aim to inform and empower those responsible for making the decisions which ultimately have a positive or negative impact upon the world and all of those who aim to make a difference. These people are not just those in executive boards of major corporations, those who reside in positions of power in government, but you, a consumer, a citizen of the world. We focus upon informing the societies of the world

We believe that after decades of so called change agents trying to pioneer models of transformation from the top down – there now needs to be accurate measurements, provided by an elite, non-partisan entity which delivers the truth into the hands of the people.

Seratio have devised the most relevant, scalable and accurate metric for measuring social value. For decades many have tried to make sense of what has been until now truly intangible – devising “measurements” that simply fail to take consideration the “real effects” into account. Thus far such measurements and metrics have been poorly adopted, subject to bias, too specific, not automated in any way and untranslatable. We aimed to put an end to the rather fuzzy world of social impact and social innovation and imbed it into scientific methods which can implement true change.

During the previous financial crisis we were issued with the challenge of measuring more scientifically and accurately the real-time contributions corporate entities and indeed individuals make to the world around them. The Social to Earning Ratio devised by Seratio measures your impact beyond just the marketplace, showing you in hard numbers the efficiency of your social spend, in much the same way the standard P/E Ratio (Price to Earnings) measures the earnings of your company against costs.

Indeed, we passionately believe that the current methodologies for measuring impact upon societies, the earth and institutions are out dated and no longer reflect the reality of what those inputs become in terms of impacts upon the grass roots or indeed intended targets. Most modern metrics also fail to utilize the huge technological advances that have occurred in the 21st century thus far. We focus on devising methodologies that are not designed to make corporations look good, but instead help the observer attain an accurate depiction of what really happens on the ground.


The emphasis on pure financial value and outcomes no longer reflects reality in an ever changing world – we believe in the new economy the true value of a brand or corporate entity is now a combination of its Financial Value (P/E) and it’s Social Value (S/E).

There has to date been a systematic failure which we aim to address using our expertise in intangible measurement and analysis, big data mining and qualitative data analysis – to create metrics which systematically and consistently can measure the direct ramifications of our actions, or non-actions.

Within the financial world, the Price/Earnings Ratio (P/E Ratio or PER) is the main single index evaluation technique of economic performance and health check. Used throughout the world, and reported daily on stock exchanges, it has become the universally adopted tool. In rough terms, the P/E measures the capitalization of a company (what it's worth) against the amount of profit it generates. We have developed the corollary to the P/E, the S/E Ratio (SER) which measures the Social Impact of an organisation against the monies invested to achieve it (the earnings diverted which otherwise would be profit).

A share price is a relatively weak artefact representing degrees of alignment between shareholders and the organisations. It is subject to numerous reported and unmeasured biases which mean it cannot in isolation reflect the true “value” of the corporate entity. Generally only the shareholders and management benefit, and all others are a slave to that goal. Using human dynamic and descriptive analytics we have devised academically rigorous and peer reviewed methodologies which extend beyond these simple financial metrics.

Think of yourself as a operator within a ever changing environment, the impacts you make upon the world around you will change constantly as the environment evolves. Your impact as a human being is not simply a constituent of your productivity or ability to make money.

The social impact interpretation is that of citizenship, that the total value of an organisation is a total of the financial and social values. Taking social value, one has to measure the stakeholder value of customers, suppliers, staff, statutory bodies, community and the environment.

Independently commissioned, the methodology has been developed by the Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance ( and its affiliated network of 30+ International Universities and Research Institutes to ensure honesty and integrity in the reporting process.

Seratio reports in future proof XBRL format, using the latest GRI-4 template (Global Reporting Initiative) and is compliant with IIRC (The International Integrated Reporting Council).

  1. January 2015 – chair EU Procurement group “Social Value and Transparency in Supply Chains”
  2. December 2014 - commissioned to produce UK Modern Slavery Act 2014 metric
  3. November 2014 - appointed Chair of EU SEiSMiC Social Value across 10 countries
  4. November 2014 – video Question Time with Hazel Blears MP and Prof Ta’eed
  5. November 2014 – deliver our S/E social impact report for Loomba Foundation to Bombay Stock Exchange members by Dr Vince Cable MP, Business Secretary of State
  6. October 2014 - release of national interviews on Social Value
  7. October 2014 - release of national interviews on Social Value
  8. September 2014 - commissioned to launch 250 page "Social Value in Public Procurement" bible
  9. September 2014 - commissioned to launch 250 page "Social Value in Public Procurement" bible
  10. September 2014 - commissioned to produce Social Value Portal with Hazel Blears MP
  11. June 2014 - Speech to The Pope at The Vatican
  12. June 2014 - 100 Indian CEO's attend House of Lords conference chaired by Prof Ta'eed
  13. May 2014 - Annual Institute of Financial Service Lecture
  14. November 2013 - 450 attended London Guildhall event chaired by Prof Ta'eed including Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, former First Lady Cherie Blair, Treasury Minister Danny Alexander
  15. October 2013 - launch licensees using automated platform - Brandanomics
  16. October 2013 - launch licensees using automated platform - SI2000
  17. October 2013 - launch licensees using automated platform - Cultiv8 Solutions
  18. October 2013 - launch licensees using automated platform - Big Red Square
  19. June 2013 - US$ 100 billion HNWI attend The Dorchester, London, chaired by Prof Ta'eed including Lakshmi Mittal (US$ 16 b), Hinduja Brothers (US$ 17 b)
  20. January 208-Q1 2013 - wiki university approach on S/E amongst c. 30 universities
  21. November 2011 - commissioned by UK Government's 'Big Society' to develop universal social impact metric

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Citizenship Map

The Social Earnings Ratio (S/E) is built on our current understanding of organisational structure - the multistakeholder environment, often called a Citizenship Map. We have also developed a range of S/E prodigy metrics to reflect Total Value.




2.Social Value

6.Transparency in Supply Chains

3.Pay Disparity

7.Personal(Citizen) Value

4.Tax Avoidance

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S/E Ratio

The Social to Earnings ratio (S/E) behaves as a grandfather metric – the corollary to the P/E ratio used in the financial world. We give you a more powerful way to support or augment trading strategies and generate new ideas by giving you new views of the market from both a financial context and a “everything else” context, principally social impact, the morality of interactions inside and outside the organisation. Having said this, we are a neutral metric – we make no judgement on ethics – we simply objectively report them as we find them and cannot ‘influence’ any figures.

We harness the full breadth and depth of information in the SOCIAL IMPACT MARKETPLACE to create visualizations that uncover key insights, translate any index or metric into a comprehensive set of measurements that we generate specifically for you. The S/E metric can be applied to whole organisations, projects and processes across public, private, third and community sectors.

Our charting integrates the entire scope of social data, supplemented with the most robust financial APIs to create a holistic platform allowing you to create charts that consolidate all relevant information. This means you can quickly validate ideas, watch trends and generate value. Only on Seratio’s platforms can you plot multiple instruments across every social and financial asset class. Compare company fundamentals, ratios and estimates with other companies, commodities, currencies and economic data, then create composites for a more comprehensive view of the market.
Draw from almost 400 technical studies and indicators, both in the financial and social world – with the ability to translate any including those from well-known third-party contributors. We help you incorporate news headlines and market-moving events and indicators as diverse as economic cycles, energy and agricultural. You can incorporate your own company data or upload your firm’s custom content, comparing suppliers, competitors or even host organisations with whom you wish to make strategic partnerships with.

Charting on our platform is powerful and customisable, with numerous pre-packaged applications and shortcuts that allow you to jump quickly to charts and studies important to you. Start with a template, and then choose from a vast array of customization tools to configure data and associated alerts. Create your own view of the markets with our annotations palette. You’re always ready to present ideas, with a few clicks all it takes to export charts into presentations with all annotations included.
Communication and collaboration using charts is simple. You can share and co-edit charts with clients and colleagues throughout the community, in real time, through our reorting engine. Compare ideas and build a common point of view.
Design your own custom studies and share with colleagues and clients to generate profitable trade ideas. Use our forecasting tool to play out thousands of scenarios from a wide array of benchmarks to determine strategies and optimization techniques most profitable over time


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The Social Earnings Ratio came out of a leading team of academics that researched, re-modelled, and developed over a 3 year period (2011-2014) all the likely applications of a single universal non-financial metric. Working collaboratively now with over 40 universities in the world, we finally ended our testing period in Autumn 2014 and moved to implementation phase resulting in the SaaS platform. Access to the Big Data we have harvested is by permission only, but many of our licensees across the world display parts of the data freely. Here we share with you a sample set of test data since 2011 to convey the exacting provenance of our research.

Factors in consideration


  • Project
  • Category
  • Company

  • Popularity
  • Positive Sentiment
  • CSR spend
  • Environmental
  • People
  • Cash Generated+Invested

  • SER
  • SI by calculation
  • Added Social Value
  • Increase in Market Cap/NAV
  • Environment
  • People
  • Cash
  • Tax Avoidance
  • Pay Disparity
  • Social Earnings Ratio

    Increase in Market Cap/NAV (%)

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